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pro1sTeacher, Corporate Consultant, Wellness Coach,
Motivational Speaker, Author

Ph.D. UCLA – Higher Education and Work
B.A. UC Berkeley – Psychology
15 yrs Administrative Experience
10 yrs Consulting Experience

Organizational Consulting, Wellness Coaching, Transformational Workshops and Intuitive Coaching

Bringing Powerful States of Being
Into Everyday Reality

Managers often come under severe stress from enormous amounts of responsibility. Dr. Easton’s unique combination of Motivational & Wellness Coaching helps to lessen employee stress and maintain a level of stability during times of uncertainty including: cutbacks, layoffs and organizational change.

Her Intuitive Executive Coaching is offered to assist in meeting organizational and personal objectives, help make informed decisions, allow a higher level of understanding in personnel issues as well as identify unique strengths of both companies and employees.

Let Dr. Easton Assist Your Team

• Energy Therapist, UCLA Medical Center • Meditation Teacher • Yoga Instructor

Dr. Easton’s work focuses on small groups. Usually 5-25 team members.
Kamala has the ability to comprehend the challenges within individuals and group dynamics.She offers personal plans for change as well as structural changes.She has a unique ability to connect with and gain insights by:

Working With

  • Managers and business teams facing times of organizational transition and project specific difficulties.
  • Employees who are struggling to stay positive and achieve their goals?
  • Staff experiencing stress and anxiety

Helping To

  • Identify the issues, understand causes and assist in finding solutions that help transform attitudes.
  • Find outcomes which motivate and transform individuals and organizations
  • Improve organizational success
  • Provide important solutions towards resolution and change
  • Release the tension and anxiety

By Utilizing Transformational Tools

  • Examining Existing Beliefs&Aspirations
  • Keying in on Specific Challenges andObjectives
  • Meditation
  • Breathing Techniques
  • Visualization Exercises
  • Individualized Interactions

Drawing upon her wisdom from years of working with those in transition, Kamala takes staff beyond their limited views of change and their perceptions of changing situations, to a greater perspective of what is occurring during times of transition. This enables employees to understand how change may actually benefit them and what it can allow them to become, thus assisting them to handle change, release fear and resistance to possible new opportunities for a successful business life.

Her unique combination of administrative expertise, intuitive skills, and stress reduction techniques assists employees to become healthier, happier, and focused on improving their own future within the organization.

“Kamala’s insight and ability to offer informative insight along effective communication skills, brings insight to any corporation or organization.”

Tina Staely, LCSW
Author, Public Speaker
Founder Pathfinders, Aspen, CO Non-Profit


Kamala Easton Transformational Consulting, LLC